Hello, I'm Lauren! I was born and raised in Saint James, MN where I have a very large family, my mother has 13 siblings, so there is never a shortage of family members to call up! I enjoy spending time with my family, no matter what kinds of unique situations we find ourselves in. I am the oldest of four, and thoroughly enjoy documenting all of my brothers and sister's life events with my camera. I also enjoy painting, or anything that lets me get my hands dirty and lets me use my creativity.I started my college career at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and I am now studying Social Studies Education at Minnesota State, Mankato!

I was lucky enough to have an amazing High School experience and I hope to be able to inspire my (someday) students to be able to find what they are good at, what they enjoy and be able to use that to make themselves happy. Each student is unique and I cannot wait to challenge myself to help each and every one of them succeed.


Contact: lauren.collier@mnsu.edu